Unlock iCloud Lock Free

Unlock iCloud Lock FreeHow to Unlock iCloud Lock for Free

Are you looking to unlock iCloud lock? It’s a problem some of us will encounter we have bought a used phone from a friend, ebay or wherever and we soon realise the phone is iCloud locked. This is quite a big problem surprisingly as the previous owners often forget to remove it before selling the phone. Of course if you can contact the previous owner and get the information to unlock the phone, great! But sometimes this isn’t always possible… However not all is lost! You can still unlock the iCloud lock, just keep reading.

What do you need?

Well… Not much! To unlock icloud lock on your iPhone you will just need the IMEI number. You can find this in a few different places however seeing as you have limited access to your phone due to the iCloud lock there is only one option which I’ll explain below.

You can find your IMEI number on your Sim Card tray which is located on the left hand side of your phone. You will need your Sim card removal tool to release the tray so you can see your IMEI number. If you’ve lost the tool you could also use a Pin or a Paperclip etc. Here is an image of the Sim Card tray showing the location of the IMEI number.

iPhone IMEI LocationHow to Unlock/Remove/Bypass iCloud

Step 1) Find your IMEI number and write it down (Find out how to find your IMEI Number above)

Step 2) Click the “Unlock my iCloud” button at the bottom of this page and follow the steps on the page you are taken to.

Step 3) Once you have completed all of the steps restart your iPhone.


Unlock iCloud Lock Free

Congratulations! You have now successfully removed the iCloud Lock. Enjoy!