Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

unlock samsung galaxy core prime freeHow to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for Free

Why is my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime locked?

Before we start to learn how to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Core Prime we best explain what Mobile unlocking is. One of the biggest frustations with mobile phones has got to be finding out your mobile is locked to a network provider, the reason for this is that network providers like to keep you as a customer for as long as possible. It’s good initally for customers as they are usually sold the mobile at a reduced price as the the network provider knows that they will make their money back, plus a little extra especially if you purchase the phone on contract. Customers can however run into problems when their contract ends as there could be much better SIM only deals on the market you could be taking advantage of but unfortunately you can’t as your phone is locked, which means you’re losing out on your hard earned money which you could be saving.

What do you need to unlock your mobile?

You only need the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your mobile in order to unlock it. On Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime you can find it in the Settings > About Phone > Status. Alternatively you can also dial *#06# and call it, a pop-up message will then appear with your IMEI number. Once you’ve got it, you can then proceed with unlocking your mobile.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

You can unlock your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime by following the 4 easy steps below…

Step 1) Insert a SIM card which isn’t supported by your Mobile currently, for example if you are on the EE network, you will have to insert one from O2.

Step 2) Your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime should now request an unlock code (Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen move onto step 3.)

Step 3) You can now type in the unlock code for your Mobile. (You can get an unlock code for your Mobile below.) If your Mobile doesn’t request an unlock code, which can happen occasionally you can enter it into your Mobiles dialling screen and call it.

Step 4) You can now restart your phone, upon restarting your Phone it will be unlocked.

How to get your Unlock Code

To get an unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for free, you can click the download button below which will take you to a page (have your IMEI number ready) where you can get your code. Please note that the unlock code for your phone is individual to your phone, so make sure that you enter your IMEI number correctly otherwise you will be provided with an invalid unlock code. Please also note that this is a free service and you will not be charged for unlocking your phone.

Download Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Unlock Code

Congratulations! You have now unlocked your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.

Please note that we offer 24/7 support with our mobile unlocking service, you can use our contact us page and we aim to respond to you as soon as possible with any problems you may have.